Join our 60 minute virtual workshop on December 6, 2022: New whole genome sequencing library prep for PacBio HiFi sequencing


Join us for an interactive workshop brought to you by PacBio, Diagenode, and Agilent covering all aspects of HiFi whole genome sequencing library preparation using the new SMRTbell Prep Kit 3.0. Engage with the experts as they present the end-to-end workflow for PacBio whole genome sequencing library preparation. Diagenode will describe using the Megaruptor 3 system to shear genomic DNA to specific HiFi fragment sizes. Agilent will review the benefits of using the Femto Pulse system to accurately size and qualify high molecular weight genomic DNA samples and SMRTbell libraries. PacBio will detail the new, faster, and easier to use SMRTbell Prep Kit 3.0 workflow for preparing HiFi libraries.




December 6, 2022



Part 1: Megaruptor fragmentation of DNA from 5 kb - 100 kb, presented by Ekaterina Gracheva, PhD

  • • Reproducible long fragment shearing DNA with the user-friendly Megaruptor
  • • Optimal use of system and shearing kits
  • • Working with tricky samples

Part 2: Automated Pulsed-Field Electrophoresis for PacBio HiFi Sequencing Workflows, presented by Kyle Luttgeharm

  • • Separate high molecular weight DNA up to 165 kb and detect nucleic acids down to 50 fg/µL input concentration for long-read NGS QC
  • • Improved resolution and sizing accuracy of genomic DNA and HiFi SMRTbell libraries
  • • Accurately size and qualify high molecular weight genomic DNA samples and SMRTbell libraries

Part 3: SMRTbell Library Preparation, presented by Greg Young, Product Manager

  • • Overview of SMRTbell prep kit 3.0 (SPK3) for preparing genomic DNA for PacBio HiFi sequencing
  • • SMRTbell library preparation with SPK3 for WGS sequencing applications
  • • Latest developments and best practices for optimizing your PacBio sequencing workflow



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