Megaruptor 3: Your partner in long-read sequencing

Get the robust and reproducible sequencing results you need. Eliminate shearing tubes and needles! Designed to provide simple, automated, and highly reproducible fragmentation of DNA, the Megaruptor 3 is essential.


  • Reproducible shearing that surpasses needle shearing
  • More flexible shearing range from 5 kb -100 kb unlike shearing tubes
  • Unmatched quality: Get the tight fragment distribution you need -- unlike with needles or tubes
  • High throughput: Process 1 to 12 samples
  • Safe from contamination and clogs*
  • Automated: Process without user input and without washing sequences

The Megaruptor 3 is unsurpassed for these applications:

  • • HiFi Sequencing
  • de novo assembly
  • • Structural variant detection
  • • Microbial multiplexing

Excellent reproducibility achieved with the Megaruptor 3


A. The Megaruptor 3 provides excellent shearing results for HiFi sequencing and other long-read based applications. Test shears of E.coli K12 are shown. The amount of gDNA input was 0.5 μg in a volume of 100 μl. Fragment lengths generated averaged 10kb in length. Femtopulse analysis shows all 8 channels sheared within a variance of only 9%.









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