Presented by Gilles Brocart, R&D Scientist at Diagenode and Andrea Hita, Bioinformatics at Diagenode


The analysis of small RNAs by sequencing has grown immensely in popularity in recent years. Much of the focus has been directed towards the analysis of mammalian mature miRNA since only limited tools have been available to comprehensively analyze the different small non coding RNAs (sncRNA) from a sample using a single assay. In this webinar, Diagenode will present solutions we have developed, first for library preparation, where we prioritize an inclusive detection of the full ncRNA biotypes spectra; and second, for data analysis where we will present a novel quantification software to improve the interrogation heterogeneous reads deriving from ncRNA (varying in length, biogenesis, and function, overlapping in a genomic region, and sometimes present in the genome with a high copy number). Alltogether maximize the information extracted from sequencing and improves the interrogation of non-coding RNA.


December 1, 2022

 3:30PM BST (London)/4:30PM CET (Brussels)/10:30AM EDT (New York)/7:30AM PDT (Los Angeles)



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