CUT&Tag / CUT&RUN antibody validation program

At Diagenode we validate our antibodies in specific applications for chromatin studies like ChIP, ChIP-seq and CUT&Tag, delivering guaranteed optimal results to you consistently. Numerous publications citing our antibodies used in chromatin studies testify to their high performance. Now we are launching a new validation program allowing you to test your chosen antibody in the applications like CUT&Tag and CUT&RUN.


Terms and conditions of the CUT&Tag / CUT&RUN validation program:

  1. The customer can receive one free sample size antibody of their choice from the SIMPLY SUPERIOR EPIGENETIC ANTIBODIES List.
  2. The format of the antibody for testing: 10 µg or 20 µl.
  3. Only antibodies that have not yet been tested are eligible for this program.
  4. The customer will test the antibody in CUT&Tag or CUT&RUN within 2 months after receiving antibody and will agree to share the data with Diagenode. Diagenode will not use/publish the data without customer approval.

    The requested data:
    • Profile of the library,
    • Screen shot of the ChIP-seq data.
    • Short description of the experimental conditions (cell type, number of cells used, short description of the protocol used)
  5. One customer can test more than one antibody, but not more than two in parallel.
  6. Offer valid in Europe and in the USA.

Fill in the below form to participate in our CUT&Tag / CUT&RUN validation program: